Acer XF240H 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The Gaming Monitors with 144Hz refresh rate is quickly becoming marginally reasonable for all, thereby enabling the gamers to gain access to the benefits that these monitors have to offer. Acer excels in this regards by delivering the avid gamers with Predator series gaming monitor and XP series for the budget oriented gamers. Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor designed with 144Hz refresh rate, faster response time of 1ms and FreeSync advantage at a price that everyone can afford, thereby making it the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 and hence is worth considering.

Key Features of Acer XF240H

Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor that enhances your viewing and gaming experience through its Comfy View, flicker less and low dimming display. The Monitor also combines the AMD Free Sync technology which ensures that frame rates of the game can be determined by the graphics card instead of the fixed refresh rate of the monitor. This feature gives the users with magnificent competitive edge while viewing or playing high end games. The gaming monitor comes with Full HD display with resolution of 1920×1080p; thereby keeping your game play up.

With faster response times, FreeSync Technology, 144Hz refresh rate, the Acer XF240H is considered to be the real bargain at this price range. Owing to its current price range, it remains the dominating gaming monitor today which is ruling the market and is considered to be the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

The Look and Design

As claimed, the functioning and performance of the gaming monitor prioritize over aesthetics. The look and design of the monitor are relatively stripped down compared to its predecessors and cousins, but the design is quite simplistic as compared to the price. The monitor features a matte black stand and cabinet which can attract fingerprints and dust and hence regular cleaning is necessary. It has a industrial look and this can be appealing in many senses and the design of the monitor mainly emphasizes the gamer concept. Moreover, the display panel is bordered by thin strip of bezels which give it a good viewing space and makes it perfect users to setup the multiple displays.

At the lower right corner of the monitor, you will see the OSD buttons which are quite functional and these buttons are quite clunky when you press it.

Display of Acer XF240H

When you buy a gaming monitor, you often consider the display specifications. The display specifications let you know the fluidity and dynamism of the game play. Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor designed with 144Hz refresh rate, 1080p TN panel and 24-inches of display with contrast ratio of 1000:1 and the response time of 1-millisecond. The one concerned raised by the viewers of this monitor is the poor viewing angle, but without a second thought it can be fixed with its ergonomic adjustments.

The screen is a bit brighter and the colors are awfully washed out of the box. However, the image quality can be increased with little adjustment from the settings using the OSB buttons. With the color settings, color temperature, saturation and gamma and brightness settings, the image performance of the monitor can be enhanced to challenge the pricier counterparts.


Since Acer XF240H sports 144Hz refresh rate, its performance is a bit higher. Moreover, the resolution of 1080p ensures optimal image quality and game play. The monitor is capable of producing higher FPS output and maximizes the refresh rate. The frame rate drops quite often but it can be fixed with minor changes. The issue of image tearing is solved by integrating the AMD’s Free Sync technology. So the titles become smooth when the FreeSync technology is activated.