Acer XF240H 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The Gaming Monitors with 144Hz refresh rate is quickly becoming marginally reasonable for all, thereby enabling the gamers to gain access to the benefits that these monitors have to offer. Acer excels in this regards by delivering the avid gamers with Predator series gaming monitor and XP series for the budget oriented gamers. Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor designed with 144Hz refresh rate, faster response time of 1ms and FreeSync advantage at a price that everyone can afford, thereby making it the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 and hence is worth considering.

Key Features of Acer XF240H

Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor that enhances your viewing and gaming experience through its Comfy View, flicker less and low dimming display. The Monitor also combines the AMD Free Sync technology which ensures that frame rates of the game can be determined by the graphics card instead of the fixed refresh rate of the monitor. This feature gives the users with magnificent competitive edge while viewing or playing high end games. The gaming monitor comes with Full HD display with resolution of 1920×1080p; thereby keeping your game play up.

With faster response times, FreeSync Technology, 144Hz refresh rate, the Acer XF240H is considered to be the real bargain at this price range. Owing to its current price range, it remains the dominating gaming monitor today which is ruling the market and is considered to be the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

The Look and Design

As claimed, the functioning and performance of the gaming monitor prioritize over aesthetics. The look and design of the monitor are relatively stripped down compared to its predecessors and cousins, but the design is quite simplistic as compared to the price. The monitor features a matte black stand and cabinet which can attract fingerprints and dust and hence regular cleaning is necessary. It has a industrial look and this can be appealing in many senses and the design of the monitor mainly emphasizes the gamer concept. Moreover, the display panel is bordered by thin strip of bezels which give it a good viewing space and makes it perfect users to setup the multiple displays.

At the lower right corner of the monitor, you will see the OSD buttons which are quite functional and these buttons are quite clunky when you press it.

Display of Acer XF240H

When you buy a gaming monitor, you often consider the display specifications. The display specifications let you know the fluidity and dynamism of the game play. Acer XF240H is the gaming monitor designed with 144Hz refresh rate, 1080p TN panel and 24-inches of display with contrast ratio of 1000:1 and the response time of 1-millisecond. The one concerned raised by the viewers of this monitor is the poor viewing angle, but without a second thought it can be fixed with its ergonomic adjustments.

The screen is a bit brighter and the colors are awfully washed out of the box. However, the image quality can be increased with little adjustment from the settings using the OSB buttons. With the color settings, color temperature, saturation and gamma and brightness settings, the image performance of the monitor can be enhanced to challenge the pricier counterparts.


Since Acer XF240H sports 144Hz refresh rate, its performance is a bit higher. Moreover, the resolution of 1080p ensures optimal image quality and game play. The monitor is capable of producing higher FPS output and maximizes the refresh rate. The frame rate drops quite often but it can be fixed with minor changes. The issue of image tearing is solved by integrating the AMD’s Free Sync technology. So the titles become smooth when the FreeSync technology is activated.

5 Best Android Apps you won’t find in the Google Play Store

If you are an Android user, you will have a list of applications on your device that make it much more user-friendly and your life much easier. Most of these applications are downloaded from the Google Play Store on the Android device itself.

But did you know that there are some really exciting, top-class, user friendly Android applications that are not available on Google Play Store?

These applications are not just user-friendly but they also allow the users to customize their Android device as they wish.

While there are as many as 20 to 25 such Android applications that are not available on Google Play Store, we mention the best 5 here…

5 Best Android Apps you won’t find in the Google Play Store

Lucky Patcher (Root)

Lucky Patcher remains a popular application among Android users. The application lets the users hack any Android application easily and then also modify them according to their needs. It is considered the best in the genre. You can use the application to hack games and much more. While the application is not available on Google Play Store, it can be downloaded from one of the genuine links that are available online.


If you love to watch your favorite content at your convenient hour, you must try VideoMix, an app that is a great choice to stream videos, TV shows and a variety of other content. And all this at no cost at all! Yes, the application can be used free of cost and there are no formalities to sign up or log in the app. The users simply need to open the application, search their favorite content and then start streaming it instantly.

Amazon App Store

Amazon is not just about a huge shopping network, it has an exclusive app store as well. The users can find a huge number of applications here that are free to use and are also not available in the Google Play Store. It is for this reason that the Amazon App Store is also called the best alternative to Google Play Store. It is a must-try app that can be downloaded from a genuine link online since it is not available in the Google Play Store.


While you can find a number of applications on Google Play Store that allow the users to download the YouTube videos for absolutely free, there are none that can compete with Tubemate! The application is popularly used by millions of people and is rated the best in the category because of its high speed download. There are several other features of this application that make it stand apart the rest in the genre like it allows the download of multiple files at one time, it supports almost 45 different languages, the downloading happens in the background, and the videos of different resolutions are available here.


ShowBox APK is one of the best and the most popular streaming application that is available for Android today. With this application, the users can download and watch a variety of content in HD quality. Since the application is updated weekly, the viewers can enjoy latest content every time. So the next time you want to download the application, you must look out for updated ShowBox APK. However, the application is not available on Google Play Store so the users need to download it from one of the genuine links available online to their android device.

You can also check online for other similar applications that are missing from Google Play Store.

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Body Skin?

Hard water has a lot of disadvantages on every part of your body if care is not taken. It will make it difficult to have a stylish hair. Hard water makes your hair dull and rough as well. Apart from the hair, hard water can also cause a huge damage to your skin. From water softener reviews, it is possible to get more information on how to treat this negative effect on your skin.

Studies have made it evident that hard water comes with certain minerals. These minerals have the capability to clog pores of the skin. It can as well make your skin dry under normal condition. Apart from skin dryness, victims are liable to be infected by diseases such as eczema, acne, dermatitis and just to mention a few. Water softener reviews are great sources to help you overcome any effects of the above negative conditions.

Effects Of Hard Water On The Skin:

Skin Irritation:

Hard water has the capability to cause skin irritation. Water will not dissolve soaps easily if you have a high amount of calcium present in it. Even with other cleansing agents and detergents, water will not readily dissolve them. This will eventually allow the residue to remain on your skin, dishes, clothes or even hair. It will lead to flaky or sensitive skin and clogged pores. With time, you will begin to experience skin irritation when the accumulation becomes worse.

Skin Dryness:

Skin dryness remains the most prominent negation of hard water on the body. There are tons of minerals on hard water that can cause more problems. This can be found in the likes of iron, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals have the capability to dry your skin in an ephemeral of time. When these minerals continue to accumulate, it will eventually lead to itching, flaking, clogged pores and dry skin. When hard water comes in contact with soap, it can form salts that can be negative on your skin.


Eczema is another nagging effective of hard water on the skin. When hard water continues to remain on the skin, the deadly minerals it contains will begin to eat certain portions of the body. Within a short period of time, the negative effect can lead to eczema. Eczema can also be itching in its severe state.

Poor Skin Immunity:

The skin has its own defense system that helps to make your body look fresh and healthy. Hard water is one of the fastest ways to experience poor skin immunity. It can breakdown the natural antimicrobial features of the skin, thereby erupting into something else.


Hard water can cause itching, cracked and inflamed skin. Dry flakes can be formed on your skin due to hard water. Healthy skin cells can be affected negatively by the free radicals acting as impurities in hard water. The end result may lead to wrinkles and the collapse of the collagen. With water softener reviews, you will be able to find a long-lasting solution to your problem. Ensure to contact your medical expert if the condition gets out of hand.

How Hard Water Damages Your Dishwasher?

It is impossible to identify hard water by just looking at it. Therefore, you might be using hard water in your home without realizing it. Nevertheless, hard water has some tell-tale characteristics that will help you know whether you are using hard water. For starters, due to high mineral content, hard water does not rather easily. Thus, you will probably first notice you are using hard water when in the shower. If it takes time to rinse the soap off your bod, then chances are you are bathing using hard water, which is very harmful for your skin . While the health implications of using hard water can be dire, it is to your kitchen appliances that this water is most destructive. Below are some of the ways that hard water is destroying your dishwasher.

How Hard Water Damages Your Dishwasher?

Reduced lifespan

A dishwasher is an investment that is meant to last long probably for ten years. Sadly, if you are using hard water in your home, your dishwasher will not make it to ten years. Based on statistics, a dishwasher will be functional for 7 years if hard water is being used. Thus, hard water robs your dishwasher three years from its lifespan. This reduced lifespan is caused by the scrape buildup that comes with using hard water in appliances.

Frequent damages

When you use hard water to clean your dishes, you will notice a cloudy white residue on them. This residue is as a result of the hard water’s mineral content. The residue is the mineral salt that is left on any appliance by hard water after the water has evaporated. Apart from causing your dishes to have a white residue hard water also causes damage to your dishwasher. This white residue also builds up on the surface of your dishwasher. Given that your dishwasher is made of metal parts, the salt residue mixed with water lead to corrosion and rust. Once this happens, it might be difficult to get your dishwasher fixed.

Poor performance

A dishwasher comes fitted with a wide variety of components from heating elements to pumps. All these components are instrumental to the proper functioning of the dishwasher. Thus, when these parts are compromised or damaged your dishwasher becomes ineffective. When you use hard water, the salt residue that builds up can clog some of these parts. When the parts are clogged, there is no way your dishwasher will serve you properly. The performance of your dishwasher deteriorates the more you use hard water.


Hard water is harmful to your kitchen appliances, faucets, and plumbing system. And as such, you need to deal with this problem before its too late. One of the best ways of dealing with hard water is to soften it. Softening hard water is the process of removing the mineral ions of calcium and magnesium. This process can be done using water softeners. There are many water softener reviews online thus finding the right softener might not be a problem. Alternatively, you can use a rinse aid, which prevents the salt residue from clogging your dishwasher surfaces.

What are Some Positive and Negative Effects of Hard Water?

Truth be told you have used or drank hard water at some point in your everyday life. The term hard water is used to refer to water that contains large amounts of the minerals calcium and Magnesium. Needless to say, drinking lots of water especially water rich in minerals is good for your health. However, there are some downsides to using hard water. So, if this is the case, why do certain water softener reviews encourage the removal of these minerals? Well, there are several downsides to using hard water. And it is important to understand both the positive and negative effects of hard water.

Impact on your health

As already stated, calcium and magnesium are good for you. Calcium is a mineral that is vital to the strengthening of your bones. Magnesium, on the other hand, helps your body process fat and proteins. Therefore, these two minerals are crucial to the proper functioning of your body. However, as the old adage goes, too much of something is poisonous. As such, excessive intake of these two minerals can be harmful to your health. Research has revealed that consumption of hard water can be harmful to certain body organs. Thus, while calcium and magnesium are beneficial it is important to take note of the side effects of too much hard water.

Nevertheless, calcium as a mineral has been found to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer of the rectum. On the other hand, too much calcium intake has been known to increase chances of developing prostate cancer. Fortunately, the calcium content in hard water is not high enough to put you at risk of prostate cancer.

Hard water in your home

Unfortunately, despite the potential health benefits of hard water, the effects on home appliances and piping can be devastating. Due to the high concentration of minerals, hard water causes build up of minerals in pipes and home appliances. This happens when the minerals bind themselves together and stick to the lining of pipes and appliances. This build-up can cause blockage and eventual busting of your pipes. Thus, if not looked into the minerals can lead to catastrophic damage to your home’s plumbing system. On faucets, the build, up of minerals can lead to the faucets leaking.

Effects on your skin

Hard water does not rather easily. This results in you needing more soap to rather hard water. In turn, rinsing with hard water is not easy. Thus, the result is that you end up requiring more water. The effect is usually dry flaky skin. For some people hard water causes irritation. The irritation is particularly bad if you have sensitive skin.

There is no denying that hard water is virtually everywhere. And despite its health benefits, it has many disadvantages. In addition, the calcium and magnesium that the water is rich in can be sourced from vegetables and other liquids such as milk. Therefore, the disadvantages of hard water outweigh the advantages. Thus, in conclusion, there is a lot of truth in what many water softener reviews say about hard water.